Server Just went live! [New][NoobFriendly][Sleepers][ActiveAdmins][Insta-Craft]

Hello my name is Fybre you can catch me on steam or on the rust server we are very active admins and 100% no abuse towards the admin controls how ever if you die to a bug or stupid things and you have proof we will give you your stuff back be nice to see some people on here we recently finished creating a website witch we will soon upgrade the html link on when we become populated :).

Rust server:[New][NoobFriendly][Sleepers][ActiveAdmins][Insta-Craft] & if you have problems connecting try using this code in the F1 command aka Rcon :net.connect

Website: (not very good at websites ;).

We also recently added are very own steam group: (dont mind the name :D).

on here you will see average events that are hosted on are very own rust server a few of these events are: HungerGames, Battle Arena, Revolutionary War(Cold War WW2-WW1 reenactment).

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky, missed the servers subforum" - postal))