Server keeps closing connection

I was playing my server for about 1 minute and it closed connection (Dedicated) but this is not the first time this has happened. I have had this problem for about 4 months now and I have been searching for solutions all the time.

I have opened ports since everyone always recommends I do it, I have added SRCDS.exe exception to my firewall and I have also ran the server as administrator but still the server decides to close connection. I can not even join my server now, I click connect I get to “Sending Client Info” and then it just stops so I click cancel and try again.

Please if anyone knows the answer to my problem tell me!

Antivirus: Mcafee (Up-to-date)
ISP: 02/Bt internet phone line
Ports opened: 27000-27050 UDP & TCP
SRCDS: Completely updated
Computer: Fine specs

-Bumpety Bump-


I think it means your internet is terrible. I really have no other clue.

I can realy get my internet working from ALL that help!

Seriously I need someone who knows what they are doing though. I am close, in fact 1 step away from buying a 12 slot server right now…

You need to give us more details. For example if you’re alone in the server if it closes the connection.

Never mind, I decided to buy a server instead.