Server keeps crashing... (Might have to do with my newly coded swep)


so basically idk how it crashes, but it crashes. Lol.

Like, ever since I’ve added my swep to my server it has been crashing and these are the last few errors -

Bad SetLocalOrigin(-18483.867188,-12024.473633,0.000000) on gmod_hands (1208)

Before that there are these.
Can’t connect to MySQL server on (----------)
Bad SetLocalOrigin(-21580.503906,-1993.966797,0.000000) on gmod_hands (596)

Could it have to do with my swep? :stuck_out_tongue:

Please help!

I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!! Do you have the start with fists addon?

No, I do not. However, it is really annoying.

I think the code of my swep might have misplaced something. I need help. ;-;

I removed the addon and my server hasn’t crashed since. Sooooo

i dont think its you… i was doing some research and found this. Ill look for a way around it, im not sure. If you can find out anything please let me know.

Yeah but,

everytime my addon has been on the server, it crashes.

With it crashed like 5 times.

Here’s what I did, added it to the addons (it crashed), removed it (it didn’t crash), added it back again (it crashed), and removed it again, still no crash.

The SetLocalOrigin error is unrelated I’m pretty sure.
What exactly does your SWEP do?

hmm ok… ill have to try and figure out whats causing my server to crash

My swep is for an SCPRP server…

It basically lets 049 “infect” people.

Like it switches their job to infected, and when they die, they switch back to their original job.

Also, their player model changes to, “zombie classic”