Server keeps crashing

So, I started a Trouble in Terrorist server a few days ago and me and a couple of friends have been testing it and it seems that every now and then it crashes, and in the crash report it says something like: A ragdoll entity was moving too fast.

So, I downloaded an addon called ragdoll-remover and it still didn’t work, unless I installed it wrong. (I put it in the addons folder).

I also have these in my server.cfg:
sv_removecrazyphysics “0”
cl_ragdoll_collide “0”
ttt_ragdoll_collide “0”

Also, if someone has a solution please let me know and be specific because I’m a noob xD

You have placed in the wrong location. Move it to lua auto run it works fine.

Do I put it in any specific folder in autoorun? Or just put it in lua > autorun?

Just place it into the lua >> auto run folder.

Alright, thanks!