Server kiks ppl does someonw know why?

im running an PvE server and some PPL get kicked after some sek. on the server, the serverconsole says:

kicked for violation 431
kicked for violation 562

ist there a list where i can check what these violations are? did someone know about that problem or knows how to fix that?

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Noxy :slight_smile:

Map bugs sometimes. If you get stuck in a weapon/ammo/wood/medical crate platform you will be rubberbanding but its not connection doing it and it will kick you for im guessing thinking your hacking?

thank you very much :slight_smile:

NP its happened to me many of times its no biggy your not in trouble or the people eaither enless they are hacking. But ya its just the server client trying to fix something thats all :slight_smile:

What the hell do you do on a pvp server? Sit around the camp fire and tell stories?

building amazing strucktures, help other ppl from my community, build someting together, make funny things, like experiments and stuff. and sometimes we run naked araund a campfire and pray to satan :slight_smile:

It happen often if your stuck somewhere and try to move. It happen to me yesterday because my friend put a crate where I sleep. When this happen the solution is not to move, suicide and spawn somewhere else.

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Come in PVP server and you will certainly meet him :wink:

Not sure but you get kicked for a violation if you go through a door while its closing

Any violation kick in the server console is a result of the truth.enforce server setting, which defaults to true. Itโ€™s a very basic server function that kicks the client if the server thinks itโ€™s cheating, such as rubber-banding, lagging into a door, etc. Swithing truth.enforce to false disables violation kicks.