Server lag - 75 players - ~27,000 structures - FPSPlayers

Hi folks,

Anyone else have any issues at ~75 players (or more) and on a server that’s 5-6 days old?

I was wondering if this is FPS or if it is a Rust issue. I know that a certain number of structures causes lag, but I was just curious.

My provider said that 1.3-1.4 GB of RAM usage will tend to cause issues. Problem is that number is reached much faster after a reboot as the server progresses.

Anyone experience anything like this on other providers? If not, which one do you recommend? I’ve heard reports that they “don’t offer you enough RAM to handle it”, but I’m not sure what to believe.

I’m forced to keep my server at ~50 players. The lag is much less, but still noticeable from time to time. 75 is almost unplayable, especially if the server hasn’t been rebooted in 3-4 hours.

Is there any way to DECREASE the time it takes for structures to decay? Meaning, they decay faster? I feel like that would help the server overall.

Im not sure if i have the same problem but it may be. My internet for most servers for rust is absolutely terrible. Mainly the official servers are in the 150 ping range which is unplayable. Some of the modded servers are ok and i play on those but most of them lag way too much for me even if they are in my area. Not sure if its the same thing but it may be.

Thanks. I appreciate any input.

they probably use cheap hardware and try to cramp as much server containers (which are to small) as they can on it. I’m pretty sure this game eats a lot of ram at this point.

My admins once liked FPS servers, even said they loved em in the title. Apparently, however, FPS is only looking for a quick buck off of low pop, low usage servers, once you get popular, they can no longer accommodate you, they told our admins that they should find a better provider to suit their needs, so they did.

Runs WAY smoother now, no more weird rubberbands

Thank you, but which provider?

I have a fps server as well. They blame it on the game not being optimized. But mines runs good with 150 people but I do get random lag spikes. And once you get 50k+ structures your server does crap out.
My server would reboot and my memory would be at 1.27gb off the batt. So after a few hours the lag would increase big time.
Where can you tell how many resources/structures you have?

Same thing with Multiplay - I literally just canceled them and I’m going to playrust EU because they offer more RAM. Depending where you are nitrous offers unlimited ram for their rust servers.

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We need to get ahold of garry and have him allow NFO to host rust servers. They’re interested apparently, and I’ve had their servers in the past and they’re awesome.

Yes… NFO needs to be a provider. I agree 100%

They’re interested: Just apparently gotta get Garry to sign off.