Server Lag | Need help and Suggestions | Pictures Provided

Alright. Yesterday, I made a post about server lag, but I didn’t provide enough info. Today, that is my goal to solve my server lag issue. First of all I will show the pictures, via netgraph:
As you can see, there are some huge spikes involving entities, which appear after the server freezes for about half a second to a second. You may already tell that i’m using DarkRP, and there are no errors in the console. Only about 15-20% of the CPU is being used when the server starts to lag. Any help is appreciated, and it would be awesome to have this server up and running healthy again.
Here’s the list of addons being used:

Update: With 13 people on the server now:

Are you using DarkRP Economy 2?

This is what we have:

One thing I can tell you is don’t run darkrp on 66 tick, bring it down to 33.

Spikes are also pretty common.

Usually happens when something is loading for the first time and hasn’t been cached.

Which I assume you bought legit:

No I didn’t pay for it, my friend, who pays for everything did, and I set it up. Why assume things like that? I’m asking for help here and you clearly didn’t help.


Also. Thats the reason im banned from there, people assume stuff.

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Anyways, I really want to get this fixed, but im also not sure if the “otherplayers” via netgraph, is normal.