Server lag spikes


So I currently have an issue with one of my servers. Sometimes lag spikes occur and this is pritned in console multiple times CreateFragmentsFromFile: ‘user_custom/50/502b09da.dat’ doesn’t exist. Just the values change. I’m yet to workout what is causing it. My server is more than capable of running, it’s a dedicated server. My addons are as listed:

Any help will do, thank you!

Is this lag spike at a certain time interval or at a certain number of players on your server? Have you tried dumping some addons?

Considering it’s something that seems to have to do with user data I’d say it’s something like an anticheat or anything else that decides to store data for a player, I may be wrong though

Also, have you tried looking for that directory in your server?

I do have the cac_anticheat. Which does store player data, I would assume the pointshop stores playerdata to.

This is caused iirc by sv_allowdownload/upload being set to 0 (which it should well be), I don’t believe this is what would be causing lag for you.

sv_allowdownload should be set to 1 if theres no fastdl setup, currently I have to use it since somehow my clients get errors with fastdl, but none without.

Are you suggesting I put sv_allowupload back to 1. I set it to 0 as supposedly it stopped sprays.

I don’t believe this is what would be causing lag for you.

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Whats the OS of the Server? Maybe with a recent automatic OS update(linux!!) it could be that the OS is caching the whole ram, just as mine does, got a 3GB VPS, and it caches 2.7GB RAM, which gets freed afterwards though, if its a linux DS, go into putty and type “free -m” and give me a screenshot of it.

Maybe its an addon causing this now? maybe one spams your data folder with junk, or an exploit? Check your data folder.

Maybe its just an DDoS attack?