Server lag - upgraded server

So i run my server off vilayer,
I started off with the same plugins i use now 32 slots and had no lag when even full. I thought as we was getting full 24/7 it was time to upgrade, i upgraded to 42 then it started to lag alot when in the 40s, I then thought upgrading to 62 would help the lag alot but now people still lag when they get to 40s.

On my control panel it says with 32 players/62 we are only using 8% CPU and 1% memory, but everybodys pings are 80-200.
When it gets to 40+ players everybodys pings are above 200. I have sent villayer a ticket to see if there is a chance to upgrade my ram but i doubt i’ll get a reply for a while.
I would go back down to 32 players but it would be a waste of all that money i used to upgrade.
I also have tickrate set to 33 and have cut down on useless addons but this still happens.
Any ideas?

Yes, i know this i had also 32 Slots and wanted too Upgrade on a really good Root with 12 GB ram etc, but over 35+ it laggs.