Server Lag

Sorry if this is in the wrong category, I wasn’t sure.

Alright, so my server is basically lagging anywhere above 32 slots, I’ve checked the net_graph while on 32 players and the SV appears to be generally between 20 and 30, but drops to under 10 causing short lag spikes, when the server gets to around 40 players the SV is almost almost always sitting around/below 10, I’m not sure what to do to improve this.

We’re currently sitting on 31 players with 29-32% CPU usage, and around 30% ram usage.

a few things that I think are important for this are:

sv_minrate 1000000
sv_maxrate 2456400
decalfrequency 10
sv_mincmdrate 33
sv_minupdaterate 33
sv_maxcmdrate 33
sv_maxupdaterate 33

My tickrate is 33, and fps_max is default

What should I change here or elsewhere for improved FPS at higher players?

We’re sitting at 44 players at the moment and everyone seems to be lagging quite a lot, ping is about 50 above normal

People are just stopping and zipping forward every few seconds when walking

maybe sv_minrate, set it lower, or set it to default, like minrate being 10, and maxrate 20000 or so if I am right, never needed to change the vars yet.

I put the minrate down to 1000, it seems to be about the same, would putting it any lower help at all?

I also tried putting tickrate and some of the svars up to 66 but it seems to be about the same, though it appears to be fluctuating a lot more, going from normal to red coloured quite frequently

EDIT: Actually it appears to be worse at 66 D:

the highter the tickrate the more it laggs. generally roleplay should be 33 or lower.

Never used this, but might give it a shot(even though its old), if the server is not hosted by yourself, but from a gameserver provider, you have to ask them for the specific details, like memory etc

Okay, I’ve tried changing my tickrate to 16, and same with all my rates -
sv_mincmdrate 16
sv_minupdaterate 16
sv_maxcmdrate 16
sv_maxupdaterate 16

Though now I seem to now be getting high ping on my server, with just me on I’m getting about 50-60 ping, and used to be getting around 20, and with about 40 players on, people average around 100-120+ ping.

The server also used to be top of the rankings, now it has dipped down to around 5th or under on average.

because the rates are wrong.

What should the rates be?

min should be 10, and max your servers tic rate.

then set the “rate” convar with a good rate for your server ^^

Alright, thanks!

Rates, unless they are totally fucked, aren’t the major cause to server lag. Optimize your installed addons as well.

What’s the disk I/O and the network stats look like?

Are you asking me? I don’t know…

Disk I/O is pretty low, 20kb/s at the moment
Just a question, how do I go about optimizing addons? I’ve got all the materials/models/sounds etc zipped, but what about lua files? I’m not entirely sure how to clean them up or whatever for optimization.

Bump, sorry, keen on knowing how to fix this. (High ping since I lowered the rates)

install less of them