Server Lag?


I have a StarWarsRP Server (running on a VPS) and it lags so much. It’s very annoying and we cant do shit on the server now.
Im not sure on why it lags but i got 155 Addons on the server. 64 Player slots.

If that is a small picture, try this link:

Could someone help me?


Considering your massive amount of addons, try removing them all and adding back chunks at a time. When once chunk begins to create lag remove it and slowly add in that chunk again. Continue this until you’ve gone through all of the addons.

If the lag still persists, please don’t have 155 addons.

Should i make Server Content Packs? Does it help?

No, it would potentially improve how long it takes to connect for the first time as you would be more efficiently downloading materials, models etc.

As mentioned above, removing all the addons, and firstly, take all the addons which are not essential out, and forget about them. With the ones your left with add them to the server one by one. Keep going to see if the problem reoccurs, if it does, you know what the problem is, if it doesn’t, less laggy server. Woop.

Id also recommend making sure that none of your addons are leaked (as a, they might be back doored and b, if you’v got a 1 year old addon running which was made by a developer with a less understanding but has now dramatically increased the performance of the addon, well, less lag. Also solves your problem. Also its a shitty thing to do.

Id also recommend moving to a trusted GSP (game server provider) or investing in a dedicated server if/when you could afford it. Its expensive, but in the long term you will be glad you made the decision.

Hope this helps and gives you a better guide on what to do :slight_smile: