Server Lag

Always when i have a server everything lags alot more than in singleplayer, and i have a very good CPU…

Does anyone know any special commands that would increase server speed or something???

F11 it works great

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If you’re hosting a Listen Server, it will lag because you have to run two copies of the game at the same time. Buy or host a dedicated server.

But it only lag to the client…

When i have the server, I dont experience any lag when i spawn big contraptions

How far away from you are your clients?

XD Hes my neighbour!

The latency is around 50, so that shouldn’t be a problem. And he has a good computer aswell… We have both i5 processors + gtx videocards and we have both over 4gb RAM

Is he lagging on other servers?

I dont know, he has not connected to anyone else but me…

tell him to connect to another server

Ok! I have recently connected to my second computer over LAN, and i experience the same lag when i spawn big contraptions.

When i look at computer statistic I see that the cpu is only used to 20% when it lag as most.

It must be some settings!

It may be your video card. Whats your specs?

My videocard is Nvidia GeForce gts 250 1gb

It’s not my videocard, because it doesen’t lag in singleplayer, and a dedicated server doesen’t need a gpu, it’s only up to the processor in that case… When i runned a dedicated server from my laptop the contraptions in that server lagged as soon as i moved them… and the CPU is only used to 20%! I have tested different computers with the same result when i run a server and connect to it…

It must be some sort of limit settings, net_max…something