Server Lag

This is a really annoying problem i have had for ages.

On one particular server, I start having random lags. It freezes for two seconds, when you can’t do anything, then you can move, then it freezes again. This process continues indefinately. When it freezes, it freezes my entire game, I cant disconnect even when in the Esc menu during the two seconds of lag. It does not usually start working again when I rejoin, or restart GMod. The really strange thing is that I can join other servers and play without this problem. I can’t play on the original server until (I think) it crashes and restarts. It is by far my favourite server and I get really annoyed by this. I have had this problem on my old laptop, perhaps its one of the custom settings I have set, or perhaps a server-side problem, but I really do not think that it is my computer itself. I know it isn’t my internet (I have travelled abroad and still have the problem) or firewall (it is set to allow), and I am fairly sure nothings wrong with my GMod files and stuff. If anyone knows what this problem is and how I can fix it please reply.

Which server is it? I used to have a similar issue on Darkland RP whenever I died.

If it only happens on a particular server than it probably is server-side. Unfortunately, in that case, there is little you can do about it; there’s a problem within the server itself.

It is a [DANK] (dark)rp server. Thank you for responding. But what really annoys me is that no one else who plays on the server (as far as I know) ever has had this problem