Server lagging when it gets above 35 players

Everytime my server fills to around 35+ players there is intense lag, frame drop and everyones ping jumps to around 150. I have asked my server host if the CPU is at 100% or something but they responded saying that my server is only taking up 15% of its CPU. Anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it?

It’s mostly likely the addons that are causing the problem especially if you’re using coderhire or scriptfodder scripts those addons are horrible made( most of them ). It’s probably darkrp too because it’s complete and utter shit.

What gamemode are you running?
Check the PlayerCanHearPlayersVoice hook and see if it has anything worse than constant complexity (for or while loops for example).
Also give us the specs of your server.

Im running DarkRP.

Server specs:
CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 “Ivy Bridge” Quad-Core (8 threads with HT) @ 3.30 GHz (Able to burst to 3.7 GHz)
Disk: 4x 7200RPM 500GB disks in RAID 1+0
Network: 10GbE fiber uplink heading into our firewall before being distributed to service nodes

Your specs seems to be fine, start removing addons that you don’t use.

Yea I was looking into that, I have a slot machine script made by RocketMania that people have said cause problems do you think this could be part of the problem? Also I have removed all the addons not in use already. I can give you a list of addons if you would like

Yes, Please give us the list of addons that are in use.


  • 3D Sign Editor by Rocket Mania
  • Anti-Propkill (Dont know author got it off of Workshop I believe)
  • Chess and Checkers by My hat stinks
  • Climb Swep 2 (Workshop)
  • Drugs Redux (Workshop)
  • EzInventory by Inside
  • Faiding door tool
  • Keypad tool and cracker
  • M9K assault, heavy, smallarms and special
  • Advanced Money Printers (Workshop)
  • NPC Car dealer (Dont remember where I got this)
  • Popcorn SWEP (Workshop)
  • Precision Tool
  • pLogs by aStonedPenguin
  • Rainbow Phys gun (Workshop)
  • Sit anywhere (Workshop)
  • Sligwolf Go kart (Workshop)
  • Spider man swep (Workshop)
  • Stacker (Workshop)
  • Sammy Servers Textscreen (Workshop)
  • Ulx and Ulib
  • Wyozi media base and darkrp by Hobbes

I did not list the playermodels I have because I dont think they would make that big of a difference but if you want those too I can list them.

  • Rainbow Phys gun (Workshop) – I don’t see the point of this.
  • Sit anywhere (Workshop) – is sitting really needed?
  • 3D Sign Editor by Rocket Mania – Just no.
  • Wyozi media base and darkrp by hobbes – really?
  • Popcorn SWEP – You have a movie threater in that bitch?

Do you actually think these are causing problems or just deem them useless?

Probably not the cause of your lag problems, but m9k is known to be buggy (?)


I’ve heard the Drugz Mod causes lag, try removing that.

i love the sit-anywhere script though

Don’t listen to ‘Good’, he doesn’t actually know anything

Drugs mod: Oh god just look at the code.
M9k: Same as the last one.
Climb Swep: Sets NW vars every frame for every player.
Textscreens: Sets NW vars to the same values about 10 or so times per textscreen.

Don’t know much about the rest of your addons but those are a few things you should fix/remove.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions I will try them out next restart. Also any recommended drug type scripts to replace the old one seeing as my players love it?

**- Climb Swep 2 (Workshop) --Probably the source of all your problems.

  • Drugs Redux (Workshop) --Might be an issue, but probably clientside.
  • EzInventory by Inside --If it’s largely serverside it might be an issue of networking overload.**
  • Advanced Money Printers (Workshop) --Doubt it, but if many players have these printers and they are poorly written it could cause an issue.
  • pLogs by aStonedPenguin --Might cause an issue, probably not.

Most server operators don’t realize this, but the tickrate on source engine is a very essential variable when it comes to your servers performance.
The tickrate determines the rate of which all your serverside predictions update per second.

It may not completely solve your issue because sometimes there are just some addons that are badly designed and use your precious resources, but I guarentee you, if your tickrate was 66+ this will definitely help your performance.

Hope I helped you ! :slight_smile:

It is currently set to 33, my server host told me to do this when the lag first started occuring. Thank you for responding though!