Server laggs when vehicle is spawned for the first time.

Hey, guys

So, there’s this weird problem. The first time we spawn a new vehicle, the server laggs for about 0.5 seconds. It’s only the first time.
What can be causing this? It doesn’t look like it takes more CPU, memory or bandwidth.


Are you sure your server is lagging? Did you check with other players on your server? This isn’t normal I’ve seen server’s have cars and their server is fine.

Yeah, it’s happening for all players. I’ve noticed that it’s only people near the vehicle who are lagging.

Does this happen when you use all vehicles or a specific type of vehicle like maybe TDM Cars?

This is normal, it happens on my server also (with TDM Cars).

Well, it’s actually not my server, I’m just hosting it. He says that he can spawn the vehicle in single player without any lagg.

What are the server specs?