Server lags then everyone crashes but server stays operating


I run a Trouble in Terrorist Town server. Every few hours the server lags, then everyone’s Garry’s Mod crashes.

I’m only running TTT and ULX, nothing else.

Could anyone help me?

I have seen this happen at many servers since the update.

I have this issue on my server too altho I run a DarkRP server.

Each server has this problem. You can’t stop it. The only fix that is possible, is garry’s update. But, there could be a smart-ass that knows how to fix it, and then it would be helpfull.

Maybe all the clients have a problem and it looks like it’s the server (server triggers it to occur) but the slowdown is actually all of the clients slowly crashing.

Never thought it could be like that, but that’s true.

Same kinda thing happens on Relentless HL2RP sever, everyone randomly crashes to desktop.

As I said a few posts ago, Everyone haves it.