Server lags when players are joining!

So I’m running MetroRP derived from DarkRP.
And when player’s join my server, it starts to lag, jitter the whole server, and sometimes if it gets bad, it goes Connection Problems, counts down from 40.0sec. Any reason why?

My Add-ons
-Adv Dupe
-CSS Realistic 4.0
-Keypad/Keypad Cracker
-MW Vehicles
-toybox + default add-ons
-chatbubble 1.1

If you has a solution pleaseee:D

Internet speed? Probably the main cause, depending on your internet provider.
Also, remove MW Vehicles and DurgzMod and test it. If not, I would get a server provider.

maybe a bad connection? could be virusscan scanning all of your traffic or just a bad internet connection. check if it still happens with firewall and traffic scans disabled. if still: “get yourself a new internet connection or quit your attempts of creating a dedicated server.” This also could be some problem with your hardware. I’ve got the same problems when there’s too much happening in my server. could you give me your specs?

Im using Brohoster, so there’s no way it should lag.

maybe it’s one of the addons. or the modification of darkrp which is fukcing up. try without the andmins. jsut run it as an addonless sanbox for once and see if the problem persists. if so brohostings gone shit for you. if the problems gone, find out what addon caused it.

Sandbox, Add-onsless doesn’t have the problem. But even though, what am I gonna do, remove the add-on / gamemode? I still want it, but I want a Fix.

It is normal to have a brief hang up on join, especially if there is a lot spawned, but it shouldnt take you do the timing out notification

I don’t know if Brohoster do this but have you made a support ticket about the problem they might be able to do some thing. I had the same problem when I had a server with xenonservers when a player joined the server would crash or lag for a sec I made a support ticket and after 4 days it was fixed well kinda, Some players would join OK but then you get the one player who joins then the server would crash for 10sec after that the server would kick the player who caused the crash.

I found out what happened. It’s not anyone’s personal fault, it’s Wire.

I removed wire, and when I loaded in, instead of the 100 ping, and the 9.5 second DB loadup, I got a instant DB loadup, and a 21 ping. Effing wire. I have a request, I’ll link you to the the thread, see if you could help me! :smiley: