Server lags when players rank up

So the entire server lags whenever a player ranks up or is added to a rank. This hasn’t always happened, not sure when it started though. I wouldn’t think the latest gmod update would cause it, but it may. Just seeing if anyone might have some suggestions to fix it.

And we know what gamemode, addons and admin/rank addon your using so that we can help how?
Information is key…

Prop Hunt, ULX. No addons have been changed since it started doing it. I use APromote for timed ranks, which is the biggest issue of it cause people rank up all the time.

So you haven’t updated ULX and ULIB since the update?
That maybe your problem.

You are using UTime right?

Yeah I use UTime.

Didn’t think to try updating ulx and ulib, will do.

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Updated ulx, ulib, and even utime, and it didn’t fix the problem.

If you use ulx with the default json-or-whatever file backend they use to store usergroup, check your /data/ulx/usergroups.txt or whatever that file is called. Chances are it is getting humongous if every player gets assigned a usergroup. Encoding all of it every time as along with a (blocking) file.Write call is more than likely to exceed the server’s tick time and cause this lag you speak of. Solution? Stop using ULX or, if you must, use a different storage method. I’m fairly sure there are some SQLite / MySQL implementations out there that would possibly help your case.

I’ll check into it, thanks.