Server - Lan Only

So i have been hosting my RP server off my computer as i make it, but to day i wake up start it to show my friend the new features and he keeps saying its no responding, then i look in console and it says “Can’t ban users on a LAN” making me believe its only a lan, i have all the ports what do i do?

Is your server fully up to date?

I updated like, last week. Should i update it again and see if it works?

And sv_lan is 0?

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There was an update and then a hotfix, did you update to get the hotfix as well or just the main update. If I recall correctly the hotfix fixed the issue you’re having.

Well, all i remember was that i updated it on a Monday i think and then the next day i had to update it, though i have to servers on my PC and got confused, so i am updating the correct one now its taking some time though.

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No, its not working