Server lifespans - Slowing down progression

As most of you know, the lifespans of servers on this game are relatively short. Most servers that I’ve played on will last for maybe 3-4 days tops before being abandoned by the majority of the players on it. This is due to a few major problems with the game as of right now. (I understand this is an alpha, and that is it NOWHERE near completion, but hear me out).

  1. Large groups of players able to amass a nearly un-raidable base in a very short time.

This is something that may seem unfair to the solo-players, but is a part of the game. Having a group of people to play with not only, in my opinion, makes the game much more fun but gives you the upper hand against solo players.

  1. Not enough content in end game to keep players on a server.

As much as I would love for Garry and the devs to pump out as much content as possible, I understand that it is a time consuming and delicate process. Content and more objectives in the game will come in time.

  1. There is no ‘middle-ground’ weapon.

Another issue that I see is that there is no weapon to break the barrier between cave-man weapons and guns. You start out with a rock, progress to a bow, then move towards guns as quickly as possible. Hell, half the time I just do suicide runs until I find a blue-print or a gun that I can research and run back to my base.

With the new item creator a WIP, I hope that within a couple months the weapon problem will be solved. I’d honestly look forward to some swords, crossbows, throwing knives, or anything to even the playing field a bit and lessen the huge gap between cavemen and soldiers.

A suggestion that I would like to make in the mean time is to make researching guns much harder. With the most recent update of degrading items this opens the possibility to slow down progress as well. Think about it; in a realistic sense, if you found a blueprint and studied it once you would not be able to make that complicated item perfectly the first time. My suggestion is that to make a gun to its full potential you would need to study or craft it multiple times before making a perfect weapon. While annoying, it would keep the larger groups from hitting the low ceiling of the game so quickly. Sure, they’ll most likely have access to guns quicker anyway, but would it be worth it to craft a shotgun with 10-20% quality, or would you wait and save resources until you could make a better one?

I’d like to hear what you all think, or if there are any ideas you have on this matter.

If you want to know how to keep a server populated no matter how long ago it was wiped join the server called Australia #1
I am not the owner or admin I merely play on it and it has 20-40 pop at low peak hours. 50-70 mid and 100+ high peak.
Maybe you can take some ideas from it or not…

any mechanic you implement to hinder the high players will still hurt the low players. everyone is on the same playing field here. best thing to do is just find a server that works for you in the mean time, or play smarted. Dont dumb the game down because its too hard at certain stages for avoidable reasons