Server list broken. Bad for server owners!

I’m posting a thread because there is an issue with GMOD that needs to be fixed ASAP! The problem is, the GMOD server browser and legacy browser are only displaying a “very” small fraction of the servers and gamemode lists that currently exist (Our gamemode does not even show up)! This is a major problem for new servers because they don’t have a playerbase yet to keep the server active. It’s also troublesome to players who want to find their favorite server and aren’t familiar with the legacy browser, GMOD history, ect.

Anyway if your server has been not as active the past few days or you can’t find your favorite server, this is most likely the reason.

Please fix ASAP!


some tf2 players are experiencing similar issues, it may be a problem on valve’s end

Hmm, I might have to look into that. Thank you. If that is the case I will have to post over on Valves forum.

I’ve noticed the SMALL amount of Clockwork, DarkRP, and Prophunt servers. Probably this bug.

Glad im not the only one! i even re-installed my gmod about 10 mins ago, do you know if this is a “official issue” and has been reported to steam?

Like i have a TTT server, 24/7 and everything, but the TTT listings show only about 10 servers.

Hope this gets fixed

I’m not sure. I originally assumed it was a GMOD specific bug because I don’t play any other steam multiplater games. Though you know what they say about “assuming”. It makes an ass out of ume!

No idea if its an “official issue” yet. Definitely needs to be whether its a GMOD issue or Valve bug.

I’m not having this issue, maybe I’m just lucky. Have you tried port forwarding?

We are port forwarded. The issue only started happening Monday. Its not “just” our server having the issue. I cant even see any other lists in the same list/gamemode as ours. I can however see them in our history. We are getting players. Just not as many as usual. I believe its because of the issue I describe in my first post.

I’d also like to clarify that this thread is not a complaint about our recent player loss. Its about the list problem.

Thanks for the helpful suggestions so far!

This is not our internets fault.

As I know 6 others who have this issue

its still happening :frowning:

i noticed this yesterday when there were only like 10 hl2rp servers.

Seems to be working for me today. Is anyone else still having the issue? Otherwise I’m going to mark the thread as resolved.

It’s fixed.

Keep it open until tommorow. See what gets said