Server list problem

me and a couple other people when we refresh our server lists it does not bring up any servers, it just says refreshing server list and doesnt find any. my filters are all cleared out so i was wondering if anyone here has had this problem and fixed or just knows how to fix this problem…thanks

Open the correct ports on your router:

Download the masterservers file.
Place it in your \Steam\config\ folder


You don’t need your fucking ports set for the server list.

how do i download it? it gives me a link but it just leads to a page with writing?


oh and by the way i checked my firewall and made all my steam games and steam an exception, reinstalled steam and gmod, and i few other things people suggestied nothing works but im trying to do the thing timothy80 suggested…can anyone help me on how to download this:

Copy / paste in notepad. Save. Simples.

That or save as.

fml i did that and nothing problem is connecting to the server list not the server. i stilll go onto my favorite servers through my favorite list and i can connect

Yes you do. If my LAN IP address changes for some reason (it has twice), I can no longer find any servers, and so I must go to the router’s settings and change the ports LAN IP to mine again.

ok so where is a tut on how to change my gmod ports?


ill do anything to fix this shit

I’ve already posted a link to a tutorial.

Someone told me that there was a virus that went around on the servers so they had to take em down. you’ll need to update your gmod