Server List Problems

I’m wondering if anyone else is having the issue where you refresh the serverlist in-game and only a couple hundreds servers appear as compared to the normal thousands. I’ve tried many different ways of trouble shooting this and none seem to work.

This is a preview of what is happening every refresh;

I would like to note that the server browser for all other steam games is working absolutely fine. It’s only Garry’s Mod that’s giving me problems as of now.

This sort of happens to me

If I mash refresh over and over, it seems to come back though

Well the legacy browser is working fine for me, it’s just the default Garry’s Mod browser.

It’s happening to me too. I’m running my servers on a linux box.
I’ve tried updating, and switching the ports around, even running heartbeat but nothing happens.

Happening here as well. Hopefully we can get a fix soon as it’s affecting the new server we just added. Legacy browser won’t show our gamemode “Flood” either.

Jeff helps administrate my server and we’ve both witnessed the negative impact this ‘list problem’ is having on the servers at the moment. Predominantly the new server because it has only a brief history. I’d love for this to be investigated and fixed as soon as possible.

Yeah I’ve noticed that a lot of people are having this problem now. It’s now only displaying a small fraction of the servers on Garry’s Mod. By small I mean 100 or less.

Bit of a bump, but I’m glad to know I haven’t been the only one with this odd issue.

Anyone find a fix yet?