Server list should show size of content to be downloaded

Server list should show size of content that is going to be downloaded so we can decide if we want to download that. It should not include already downloaded addons.

Agree, must have

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To allow that, servers should also provide a list of installed addons and their sizes separately so that the client could calculate this. Just making this point clear.

Since we’d have such information in this case, being able to see it as a list of addon names and their sizes would also be useful.


In Source 1 Garry’s Mod you specify a server’s workshop collection in the launch parameters of SRCDS. I imagine Source 2 functions similar, or the functionality could be replicated to include it on the server’s information tab before you click connect.

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That only covers workshop addons and isn’t particularly useful if I’m using addons from other places that the user might potentially also have.

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What if the server would had to send a list of workshop (?) content that should be downloaded by clients to a master server? I am afraid tho that this could lead to some cat and mouse game where servers will try to hide the real file size by developing some meme ways to get clients to download content in other ways.

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Having more server information public would be really useful for players looking for the right server, but I’m not sure how it’d best be done either. You’ve got server costs to consider. Hopefully the master list for S&box is a lot more sophisticated in order to give us better results, but that would mean greater costs. Those paying the costs would have to say if it’s worth it.

Some people will always be dicks, but at least it would help for the most part.
C# isnt Lua and so more monitoring of this is possible. Anything in the addon format can be recognized.

It’s already common practice to leave if it takes too long to download, and you can’t fool players into thinking they haven’t waited for an hour.

But in any case, fuck yeah I’d like to see it happen.

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Fairly sure Garry has his own servers at the office so hosting cost wouldn’t really change would it?

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If Garry has a fixed electricity and internet usage bill and his servers’ computing power and bandwidth are all up to the task, then sure.

It’s possible that he’d have to upgrade his servers and bandwidth plan eventually when S&box picks up though, if a Facepunch masterlist is used to support this idea. And I assume the power bill probably will reflect this too.

With how excited he is about S&box I hope he’s willing to do that if necessary.
I’d like to see this improvement in particular, personally.

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I totally agree this would definitely be nice to have. Or even the option to be able to select optional stuff that needs to be downloaded etc.

I don’t think anyone actually hosts servers crucial to a game’s function out of their own home or office, at least not these days.

There are tons of readily available solutions for automatically deploying and managing servers, potentially in multiple locations in the world, all at a fairly reasonable cost. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, you name it. They also come with the added benefit of much better reliability guarantees, stability, backups, support and scalability.

A distributed system of 5-20 servers will probably be able to serve players all over the world with reasonable latency and at a reasonable price - assuming something like $100-$200 per server per month (which gives you a very beefy machine these days). For a company like Facepunch this probably isn’t an issue, especially considering the potential revenue from S&box.


For example, there’s a nifty calculator for AWS at

Putting in:
CPUs: 32
Memory: 64GiB
Storage: 500GiB
Number of Instances: 10

Puts you at around $5000 per month for the whole thing. While out of reach for most individual users, this is fairly within the price range of a company with even a moderate revenue, let alone one like Facepunch. And these servers are probably overkill anyway.

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Never use the word ‘overkill’ when reffering to stability and performance of a sandbox game’s servers. Besides having company-managed gameservers is a bad idea for many reasons (most of them being that when something goes wrong (think EA Servers, GTA Servers, Ubisoft Servers, or any big company servers) all servers are down and not just one) leaving it player-hostable is the best what can be done. (And again, as with microtransactions, having it too easy to host a server is bad.)

I like the idea of showing the server’s content download size if possible. It would be nice if it was possible to offload content downloads to a webserver or something though.

Is fastdl in source 2? I’m guessing not, but it would be nice.

I would approve of being able to freely change your masterlist.
Automatically using a basic Valve masterlist if a server can’t connect to Facepunch should be enough though.

Maybe make it torrent.

(If there’s a player near you who has some addon, you download it from them instead of the server. Then you download the checksum from the server to make sure there was no manipulation. You can download each addon from a different player.)

There are good reasons why cloud computing is such a big deal these days. Hosting your own servers is not a trivial task, doesn’t scale well, has a lot of nuances and overall is a headache. Even very big companies are hesitant to host their own infrastructure unless they absolutely need it.

Also, not sure what this has to do with hosting a gameserver. The discussion was about hosting the master servers for the game list and whatnot. Obviously, people should be left free to host their own gameservers. I think that’s a no-brainer.

Ah, i might have understood you wrong. Sorry for that. Master servers should be cloud hosted for sure. Torrent trackers for downloading addons from other players when joining a server should be there too. Git repos for server collections too perhaps (but perhaps with size limits or just addon ids) Where to host the addons?

I don’t want to ever be forced into downloading server content from a tracker, personally.
For those who choose to go out of their way to opt in that seems fine.

Loading/updating from repos directly when joining the game would be cool.
It’d be even easier for servers to list what content they have from repos.

I think Garry wanted his own workshop solution, but I’d like to also have Steam workshop access.
A custom workshop might also better interact with the server finder/browser to provide better results.

Torrents would be way faster and easier on the servers letting the hosting be cheaper and network traffic used on networking the game and not giving you hatsune miku models.

(You download an addon from another player who has it instead of the server and then you download the addons checksum from the server or the workshop.)

Edit: I’m only talking about a solution for replacing FastDL. Not for regular workshop downloads.

Torrent addon downloads would bring along a lot of unwanted privacy concerns and potential problems, maybe even security risks? I can see many players wanting a feature to opt out on seeding their content, which would make this entire system pretty pointless.