Server list that use leaked content.

I dont know if this is allowed, but I wanted to let the community know, which servers actually use leaked content, there are over 520 files of them in my cache so I wont look through them, but I already saw in the 2nd file, that they use leaked content.

Its some hitman addon leaked by an guy called “MichqeL123”, you can check for yourself on their server and see what else they use, I just want to let you know that they use leaked content. Sure, most servers use leaked content these days, but that shows that these owners just seek profit, no fun, if they dont even invest in their server.

I will check more servers that are “popular” searching for leaked content, to let you all know(only if its allowed though), and update the list.

Note I dont know if it counts as “advertising” and theres only the note in General Discussion about server advertising, but not here, so if it is, please tell me and I will remove the link(s).

#1 Serenity Gaming:
Proof: Using an leaked hitman addon - Dont know its name, its vars are marked with “hhh_*”, creator can post his name. - found 18 leaks so far.

I’d like to let the staff know, if its not allowed, dont directly ban but warn me please, since I’d love to know it instead of getting a direct ban.

And again, I only do this to let people know which servers actually use leaked content, since I know there are players that dont like such servers, and I am one of those, I can’t support these creators myself, but I code it myself instead.

It’s good that you’re saying this.
Really you should be sending this directly to one of the ScriptFodder (I presume) mods.

But, one question.
Were you ex-staff or banned on the server? lol
It’s not exactly normal when somebody starts screaming about a server with leaked scripts here.
Looks like you might have a bit of a grudge.

I actually had been banned because I showed the owner an exploit, but I loved the server before, but I don’t do this to pick on the server.

I got banned from that same server because I used an exploit, however, they have bought one of my scripts and as far as I can tell it hasn’t been leaked.

Make an alt, share the game, connect and decrypt the files for yourself, open the 500 files in notepad++/Sublime text, and use the search through all files function and search for “leak”, it shows exactly which files had been leaked, the open these and see if its yours.