Server Listing Issue

Hi im not sure if this is the right form for this so really sorry if it isnt.

Basically my server in frankfurt isnt appearing in the listings for me (in UK) or any of my other UK/local EU friends and we cant get on other than using the IP to connect.

I have been only just getting 45 players today and im worried ill get less in future, i only moved to this machine today so i kinda want it fixed asap if possible.

I asked my host they said its an issue to do with valve i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to fix it or if a staff member could mabye manually fix it quick for me?

The servers IP is:


This is a very serious problem, are there any staff members or devs online that can help us?


I had one that wasn’t listing because I didn’t have CS:S mounted so it wasn’t VAC secured. You sure you have everything set up right since you moved?

I do have CSS content installed but not fully, i only have the CSS models dragged into the models folder


Try fully mounting CSS see if it shows up.

is it saying it’s VAC secure?

yes it does say its VAC secure when fully booted up

oh well that’s my extent of knowledge on that, good luck!
edit: I mounted css and hl2 at the same time together so I suppose hl2 could have had something to do with it but it may not. (just trying to share as much info as possible) :slight_smile:

ok thanks anyway :slight_smile: can anyone else reading this help me mabeh? :frowning: