Server lists are completely empty.

Hoping to get some help with my issue here. A couple days ago I decided to head on Rust and the servers weren’t showing up even after a refresh of the list.

I’ve refreshed the list a few times, uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted my PC as well as my internet, added as an exception through my firewall, and even restarted steam. My friends seem to be playing fine with out issues and I cant find any fix. Really hope a fix turns up soon. Thanks.

Get a server IP from the forum, and run ping/traceroute it and tell us what results you get. Also try connecting to that server using net.connect IP.ADDRESS.HERE

If you can connect to the server but can’t get server listings, it would be strange, but it would narrow down what the problem is.

I traced it and resulted with this

[editline]4th July 2014[/editline]

Connecting through the console left me with the “connecting…” screen with no progress, but after doing so large amounts of red text began popping in the console.

This text also appears when just starting the game.

What security software do you have installed?

I’m currently using AVG.

Disable AVG entirely on a temporary basis and try Rust.

Disabling didn’t work.

Edit - issue resolved after uninstalling AVG completely. Still don’t know why it was the issue though.