Server lists hacked ???

Well there is this server on the list: <-- server

My concern is, it says 130+ players are online, however after being on this server for 30+ mins, i have encountered 1 player, and only spoken to 2 players in the chat.

This server is more empty than a server with 10 players, no airdrops have started and its starting to get dark again (was just getting light when i started on this server).

When i asked in chat why does the server say “130+ players” when its obvious this server is dead as hell, and there was 1 person defending it trying to say its a bug, because its a “VAC ban server” and some other shit.

My question is, is this listing legit, or have they somehow edited the listing to put them top?

Just a concern.

It’s fake playercount. This is nothing new in FPS games.