server list's

Okay so I took a hiatus from rust for a little came back loving it again but. I enjoy my rust days on low pop servers so when I start scrolling threw servers my list will stop. It will not let me go to another page and there is no option to go to another page is there something I am not clicking or option I have over looked. The lowest my my server list will got is like 75/100 people so if any thought or help would be great not sure how to fix this problem. Long and short of this is that I can view 60 ish servers but not the other over 1000 other servers.

I have the same problem. not a single official server, like 13 community and 10 modded servers and nothing else. I reinstalled, closed Programs like Teamviewer, forwarded all ports, but it changed nothing. Did you find a solution?

Check if there are pretags. Some people wrote something there and this stayed even after a restart somehow. I was only able to find Battlefield/Battleroyal server that way cuz i typed “Battle” there and it was still there when i restarted the game but i noticed it.

There are no search terms in the box. i never found anything. I firsdt installed the game yesterday