Server loading image

I recently got a nfo server and it came with a free website. So i was wondering how you could make a image that would fit my loading screen. Svenskunganka told me to use data:text/html,<img src=“” style=“height:100%;width:100%”> for the image but i have no idea where to place it. I have the ftp set up for the website but i dont know where to start with the image.

Create a new file on your website called loading.html in the root of your html folder (the root folder should be obvious):

<html><body><img src="" style="height:100%;width:100%"/></body></html>

Then link to it in your sv_loadingurl in the cfg/server.cfg file:

sv_loadingurl ""

They said that my fastdl is a website. But i dont see the root of html folder

if you want me to do it i will do it in a minute lol add me on skype if you want npd1124