Server Loading Screen Free - Just Picture.

Re-Edit: Im going to use this thread to post some pictures in now and then of some loading screen static images I’ve made, if anyone is interested in them i’ll give you the PSD link and

-I need someone who can code it so you can change the text on them.
-As long as you give credit to me you can sell them, distribute them etc in any way.

Im doing this because I have some free time and taking a chill on lua. Trying to learn to much at once is confusing.

-Leave feed back please?
-Maybe a rating on them.
-I guess most of them won’t be super amazing and looking pro but they are just some things im doing for public use.


I suggest making this into a html/php web based loading screen other than a single image.

I was thinking the same thing. Although i have no knowledge of html XD got any guides to reccomend?

I suggest looking at other types of loading screens and adapting that information to your own. Not claiming the credit for stuff you didn’t make though.


  • Edit: Read your reply wrong. Dont worry XD

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Made something a little nicer. Got the proportions and theme from one of the old gmod versions

The second one looks a lot nicer then the first one. Could you upload the PSD? I would then code it for OpenLoad

Sure if you would give credits to me? :slight_smile: Add me on steam skatemusic ill give you the link?

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Was going to make the loading bars animate to circle round. Ill do it if requested :slight_smile:
Pretty simple idea