Server Loading Screen - Soil

Just finished my 2nd loading screen for the framework OpenLoad. (This has been posted in OpenLoad’s thread already but I decided to create a new thread exclusively for this template since I’m happy with the outcome compared to the StrapQuery template!)
This loading screen is quite heavy and requires your Web Hosting’s network to be of the top-class.

[Live Demo]
(On Chrome, press F12 and go to Console and paste this function: GameDetails(“Something Custom Tools”, “serverurl”, “ttt_rooftops_a2”, 100, “76561197988494194”, “terrortown”) and watch the page update.)
Press Enter to mute the music

[Download & Installation Instructions]

[Video Demo] (Skip to 0:30 to see the loading bar)

Vindsvept - For composing the music. Song name: Vindsvept - Lake of Light


I like it. Very nice. I’m not a fan of music on loading screens but it kinda fits.

It’s easy to remove. I figured those who wants music on their loading screen would add it in either way, although I have forced a 20% volume on it! :yarr:

Really nice job! As a suggestion, you should make the file counter count up instead of down.

Also, I was AFK yesterday; sorry for not responding to your message.

Interesting idea, I’ll try it out!

No worries, we can take it another time!