Server loading screen

Hey just want some help with my server loading screen. we have the loading screen hosted and it is up but when we put the link into the +sv_loadingurl on are command line manager it just turns the screen black when you loading in. can i have some help with this and tell me what i’m doing wrong that would be great thanks! :smile:

Send me a link to the loading screen (if you don’t mind) and also try putting sv_loadingurl “url here” in the server.cfg instead.

The link is licensed and im not fully sure that im allowed to link it to anyone els. I will try the server.cfg method Thanks!

You are, of course, full aware that the loading URL is printed to clients’ consoles when they first connect, right?

Posting it here wouldn’t cause any problems.

your method of putting the url in the server.cfg worked thanks :dance: