Server logo on HUD

I want to create a simple addon which adds a picture layer on the HUD.

How can I make it?
I’m not a developer, and just started to run LUA related addons.

Pay someone 2 bucks or read aboit hook.Add , HUDPaint and Material on

Now its starting to get tf2-ish in gmod? Most tf2 servers put their shitty logo, often text, in some corner, or over the full screen. why not force people to watch annoying 10 second ads?

gonzalolog, You might got me wrong mate but I want to learn to do it myself. I could go to the wiki aswell, but I haven’t paid a bucket for my server as I did everything by myself but the mode.

I’m not talking about fullscreen logo or stupid shitty ads somewhere, Im talking about very small picture on the top right side of the server logo as its a part of big community.

I think the scoreboard is the best place to put it.

Yeah, hook into the scoreboard show & hide function, precache the Material() and then draw it/Hide it.

I told where you have to look into, although you shouldnt upload your beginner addons into a live server, its not practical, maybe you really should learn firat and then doing it for your server, because this is something really simple, but I wouldn’t be surprise if you find a way to fail in it due your experience, its not a bad thing, thats why you learn and enforce your knowledges