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Hey guys!

I’ve been working on a TTT server lately that is near completion.

I am here because I need help on making a server emblem/logo (I suck at art in all ways :frowning: )

I made a crappy logo as you can see on my forum. As guidlines for the logo I guess keep it relevant to the theme.

Link to forum:

Thanks in advance
Anything is appreciated

“Needing help” with making a logo is not the same as having someone else do it for you, but here are some tips:

  • Your logo resembles a French institution logo (they generally have a red and blue background with white symbol between the 2) so unless you want people thinking you are French then I would change that.

  • Secondly, you want people doing the work for you without pay to stick to “the theme”, but there is no indication of what this theme is, and I personally can’t see anything linking it to TTT, which is what your community seems to be based around.

  • The domain name screams cheap, and will reflect badly on your server and community, so I would put some money into getting your own domain and hosting (it’s cheaper in the long run).

Ideally a community should be built around a server with a pre-existing player base, not the other way round.

I’ll do the logo for free, but I agree with everything above.

Im going to get a domain when I launch the server I am not that cheap.

I dont know wtf to say about the french part I daid i suck at art

Idk what you mean by ideal community built etc.

Yes i would like someone to make me a logo out of the kindness of their art because not all have artistic talents and are loaded with cash

Thx for tips tho

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Ok. As you can see my forum has alot of green. My server is gonna have alot of mlg content hence the name.
Thx so much bro anything would be greatly loved

Here’s a free 3000x3000 logo I made just for you:

there you go, enjoy your free professional graphic designer art

I’m on a spree:

You can thank me later.

Here’s my submission.

Honestly if you guys are not going to take this seriously then you can go fuck yourselves. If you are seriously going to go as far as making fun of people on the internet then you should kill yourselves

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Novangel))

Why is this put in “Developer Discussion”? This has nothing to do with gmod, lua, or C++ development…

The category title is called developer discussion and this had to do with the development of my server. There is no category apecifically for logos

The small text under “Developer Discussion” clearly states this is for the development of gmod, not development of servers. Just for your future reference: people on FP are most likely going to bash on the ones who don’t post in the right sections, and I’m pretty sure there’s a thread for hiring people somewhere in this forum.
Just realized that the forum titled “Facepunch” is for threads that fit no other section…

In case you didn’t get the subliminal messaging, we’re not going to spoon feed you content.
We can give you tips and perhaps ideas on what to do but we’re not going to be your fucking slaves, If you want slaves go to Scriptfodder.
However, judging by your OP, to be frank, I don’t think you should be hosting servers until your frontal cortex is fully developed.

this is why you shouldn’t indulge users who want full things done for them

What was submitted was what people would be willing to input for free. Three seconds of work making fun of someone.

I know I am doing it but why bother replying when the OP got banned.
The thread should be closed since it’s in the wrong section.

Because he might come back later and see our glorious work for what it truly is. A masterpiece. (I also want to see more people make shitty images for him)

This is like one of those 4chan Photoshop threads. What do people expect to happen?

Made another mockup for when OP gets unbanned for his rude behavior. This style really fits with the POLIZEI background of the website:

You all beat me to it.