Server Low FPS

Server Specs:
Intel Xeon E5520 2.27GHz
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

I am trying to run a 32 slot Phase Four server and what happens when I get around 15 players the server gets low FPS and the CPU Usage for that core is always above 90%, when the server is empty or with a lower player count, it runs at like 400FPS and under FIVE Percent, sorry.

CPU usage on that CPU with a low player count or being empty should be below 5% at least.

The low FPS would be a a result of maxing your CPU which I probably couldn’t even do with 4 PERP servers with 50+ people, something sounds terribly wrong with your gamemode and it sounds like you wasted your money but then again you actually bought a gamemode.

Would you happen to be setting the affinity of your gameservers?

Its probably the gamemode

Run this with lua run:

local time = SysTime() GAMEMODE:Think() print(SysTime()-time)

Then try that with Tick instead of Think, post the results they give

I just checked, under 5 players it gets below 10% CPU usage, sorry about that. What the real problem is when about 15-20 players are on the server the CPU usage is maxed out.

That doesn’t really change anything about what I said but ok.

Answering your question, I set the affinity to its own core.

Until Conna fixes the gamemode(he won’t), don’t set the affinity, SRCDS on Windows should be multithreaded and this will help with your issue. Although it won’t fix your issue with the gamemode being poorly scripted.

There isn’t really a reason to set the affinity to a single core anyways.