Server Lua Cache Problem

I have this problem, that whenever I join a server, it downloads everything, and then ingame, I get a bunch of lua errors and in red text in the top right it says ‘Lua Cache Could not be downloaded. Server is misconfigured.’ I also have no hud, and it just seems like I can’t download anything.
It’s not the servers, as other people can play fine.
I also have the steam version of Gmod, so no warez here.
I have tried:
Verifying my files
Reinstalling Gmod

Note. I do not own the servers I join, they are just random online ones.
here is my console log:
GamemodeError(DrawMonitors): No Gamemode!
GamemodeError(RenderScreenspaceEffects): No Gamemode!
GamemodeError(PostRenderVGUI): No Gamemode!
GamemodeError(Think): No Gamemode!
GamemodeError(Tick): No Gamemode!
GamemodeError(FinishChat): No Gamemode!
GamemodeError(ShutDown): No Gamemode!

The server owner needs to re-sync the FastDL. It’s a server-side issue, not client-side

That could be the case, but other people can play/have the hud and tab menu.


Still have this problem if anybody has advice…

Yep, still have the problem. Bump because there’s no point in a new thread.

Other people can play because they already have some of the Cache saved?