Server Lua Help?

I’m new to hosting servers. But somehow I managed to make one (TTT). I have a few addons. I have ulx and I’m starting to learn how to do it. Getting better with each passing hour on the server. ?
But the one thing I have no idea what to do about is lua coding. What way would you recommend learning lua? I want to be able to do the cool things like make a loading screen. Without just leaving the page defeated. Or even eventually make my own stuff.
What do you guys suggest?

  1. Set a goal for yourself. You can’t just say “I want to learn Lua”, it’s way too big to just start and that’s it.
  2. Once you have a goal, see if you need some more knowledge before you can start on your own goal
  3. Cut your goal up in parts. Even if your goal is “Create a roleplay gamemode”, divide it in all the different sections you can think of
  4. Code bit by bit. Being able to delete an item from your to-do list is a great feeling and keeps you motivated to keep working. Don’t see the goal as a whole, see it all as tiny goals.

If you need help with anything, first read the Wiki. Function names are usually really easy if you have some common sense. If you can’t figure something out, but you know that it is possible (it is used in either Sandbox or Base), check the Garry’s Mod GitHub. If you can’t find it on the GitHub, ask it in the “Problems That Don’t Need Their Own Thread”-thread.

I currently write code in 5 languages and I found that the method I just described above is the best one for me. It might not that this works for you, but it’s better than nothing. I started Lua recently and I found help the hard way by people giving me examples simply because I didn’t know where to find them, but now after a week I’m quite familiar with finding my solution.

Thank you! I’ll take a look at GitHub.