Server lua updates?

Okay so lets say you have a professional host and you edit code it updates the server automatically, but with a server hosted on a vps it does not. Do you guys know why this is happening?

It depends on what your editing the Lua auto refresh does not always update files depending on where they are located I have also heard there is some bug that sometimes stops lua auto refresh from recognising changes IIRC.

I can’t be sure unless you give details on what Editor you used were you saved it and what you use to upload the changes to the VPS FTP or remote access ?

Well of course I am using the default ftp access with winscp. And the place I am editing is within an addon called darkrpmodification. That should automatically be updating since on xenonservers host it does just not on this vps.

I think I heard it doesn’t auto refresh with certain OS’s

I think you’re right, im pretty sure linux does not have lua refresher, while window does?

Correct, Linux does not have autorefresh but windows does.