Server Manager Anyone?

I couldn’t decide if it this much constituted server advertising, but I am working with some friends to create a couple of GMod servers as part of a gaming community I am with. Myself I am a Community Admin, and the other two people are the Community Owners.

Now, to the topic at hand. We are looking into setting up a GMod TTT server, this has been confirmed and agreed upon and we now need someone who is adept in server management to come setup, and well…run the server.

It will not cost you anything, we pay all the bills, it is hosted on a very high spec dedicated server. We are looking for someone who is capable of installing addons, customizing the server and working to make it a generally fun experience.

Do not contact me if you are just going to say “I am experienced, I manage server pls?” - if you do, I will just assume you are roughly 10 years old and have a giant ego, much larger than your skill level.

Show a bit of interest, experience is a must. So, drawn in to the idea? Email me by clicking THIS LINK!

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I have had a couple people express interest in being paid to do this work. I will confirm now that we are NOT OFFERING ANY KIND OF MONETARY INCOME IN ORDER TO TAKE UP THIS POSITION, IT IS NOT A POSITION OF EMPLOYMENT.

Please see the description of the position as is provided below, this was also distributed to those people:

We are working to contribute back to you by alleviating the financial costs involved with running a server. You will be the server owner, how it runs is your decision. We will only take action if you are doing something that we consider detrimental to the community or it’s chance of growth.

anyone who knows what they are doing isn’t going to do this for no gain, sorry to shit in your cheerios

It would be nice to have additional information such as community name, forums, server IP(s), etc.

Fuck it, I’ve been looking for some work to do with TTT that isn’t giving donators guns/ giving them 100% Traitor Chance.

I rarely hold a vendetta or post in threads as replies to people, but you deserve to be an exception :slight_smile:

DrJenkins is an extremely rude child who flips are the most insane reasons. Be cautious when dealing with him.

Ahh! Pantho! Merry Christmas! Must say, your lovely immature ways still follow you, ByB’s popularity seems to be falling unfortunately but that sir, is my gift to you this Christmas! Anyway, it was nice talking to you but next time you post pretty awfully faked chat logs please realise that anything you can do, I can do better. No but seriously, it would seem posting an awful short reply without even linking to the thread in which you posted the ‘proof’ in seems a little strange? Oh well, I’m sure you were just too lazy to do it. And V for Vendetta is the film I am watching which is strange because it’s almost nine years old but the amazing poetry astounds me good sir. Anyway, I shall leave you to sulk due to your constant feeling of wanted life to beg for mercy.


Never pick anyone from forums or such to be Head-admin of your server. Always pick someone who is your friend who you trust. This should be self-evident thing, but people seem to trust blindly to unknown persons.

Well if you don’t have any friends who are responsible, why not ask a large community with a lot of experienced people in it? Then try them out. Honestly, I don’t see the harm in having people interviewed. By that logic, any community who has people apply for moderator etc. is stupid.

You are missing my point here. This is Facepunch, not a small gaming community with Gmod servers. It’s OK to apply for respected or admin on the small communities, where you have played for some time already, and owner and other admins already know what kind of person you are. But here in Facepunch, almost everyone is a stranger to you.

Eh, I don’t even remember the thread subject so im not going to search for it. However I believe it happened something like so:

  1. You where isnanely rude to me and my friends.
  2. I posted the logs.
  3. You accused me of creating fake chat logs
  4. I still had them open and screenshoted them that evening
  5. You felt stupid?

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Sorry for going off topic, I’ll stop replying. I just didn’t want this guy making a mistake.

  1. You told me “Fuck off we’re taking your project.”
  2. Logs = Text = Faked
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We currently have a RP server for MTA. We have two CSS servers, and one running (plus one pending setup) for CSGO.

We’re a widespread community, and needless to say we have a Ventrilo as well.

The community is Ace-Servers.

I just re-read the other replies to the thread, and I will say that DrJenkins’ issues were about half a year ago, people do change. Regardless of that fact I believe everyone deserves equal opportunity, though I will say that nobody is applying for my trust, and it is not my sole decision who gets this position. Point being everyone who shows interest will be respected to the utmost for showing that interest. We will not chuck everything at the ‘successful applicant’ and say ‘Here you go’ but we will give them what they need to do their job right off-the-bat.

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Why do people just randomly start a private conversation on other people’s thread? What the fuck!


Ace-Servers, heh I used to play on the MTA Server when it was in San Fierro and when it was a hell lot of fun, near the end it just started breaking…
Administrators abusing, well that one developer that kept spawning a rhino and fucking about, then a moderator kept teleporting me in the middle of
role plays and other shit, then it just shut down… kind of sucked when it did, I put heart and soul in to my faction, my server loyalty and I gave shit tons of ideas,
I also reported any bugs or glitches I found on the Mantis, I think I reported most than anyone.

Ben is the owner and there was a donator called Ben that donated $100 if you don’t believe me that I played there.

Off-Topic: Yea, it annoyed me too but some people are just a bit too immature to keep in their bullshit.

On-Topic: A lot has changed since then funnily enough, I openly admit we all took it as quite a joke if not anything else back in the SF days.

We’ve made a lot of changes, and have invested a lot of time and more-so yet money into the community now, we’re motivated to do good by everyone, players included.

All we want to do now is push out from MTA, that will always be the heart of Ace, but the body has other organs too!