Server Manager Looking to Work for a Server Host

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So for a probably shitty hud, a few jobs, and setting up addons, you get 20% of the servers revenue? Not to mention access to the server files, and control panel.

seems legit.

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All hail to the wall of text!

Pretty much what you’re saying here is: “pay for my server and then I’ll give you 80% of the donations”

So you’re telling me that you’ll not only CREATE a custom hud and add your OWN ADDONS but you’ll do any jobs i want and on top of that you’ll fix any error that happens to arise whether created from your own code or from my mistakes for 20% of donations? I am assuming you’re being paid monthly as well.

Edit : I’d like to see some of your hud design work and some of the addons you have created whether for personal use of uploaded via scriptfodder hell idc send me a leaked link it doesnt matter i jsut want to see what you’ve done.

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Why would i pay you to download a developers addon or install something and PAY you to do it when if i need help i can ask the developer of said addon who i bought it from to help me for FREE. TCB has a job creating tool on his website among many other free things as well to get people started and on top of that Facepunch here can help me LEARN to code myself for FREE.

Its like eating out at a food joint and you’re the guy whos telling people they can tip you 20% of what they paid for food to throw there food away and put there tray where it belongs…

edit: The funniest thing is that whenever someone leaves there email or skype details in the OP you can already assume that the person is full of crap

Oh, looks like I misread as well. Let me rephrase what I said: “give me 20% of donations for dragging files around and writing tables”

almost forgot editing config files! man, I wish I could do that…

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We don’t really care if you’re “interesting in criticisms” or not. You posted on a public forum with a total scam and we’re here to tell you off.

Oh man, tell me about it! The hours I have wasted dragging and dropping addon folders, creating DarkRP jobs, and editing configuration files. It’s just so difficult and confusing! If only there was some kind soul who would do it for me for only 20% of my donations…

If you can’t drag and drop files or edit text documents then you shouldn’t be running a server.

Welcome to the internet

Second of all, why not just go and join a community instead of sitting here taking all this criticism? I mean all you have to do is find a server you like and get to know the community, it’s a lot more formal and convenient for the server owner and also you get to see in greater detail what you want from this. In the end all it is, is that you are fulfilling a self-initiated prophecy by helping those that need you.

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If you don’t want to learn how to install/fix/create things, and hire someone else to do the job, i don’t think that the server will be good. You cannot do anything without the dev, you pay for the server and to the dev. So you will pay alot of money but get alot of less use. How do we know, if 5 guys hire you, how will you keep up with the 5 servers? How do we know you can be trusted with our servers?

He simply drags and drops addons and edits text files. If he needs lua help he’ll probably post here or attempt to contact the Dev who made the script.

Edit : Hes already admitted it to it although not directly.

Never heard of how difficult maintaining config files are considering they never change except when you want to change them

Edit: Last post/edit : he is pretty much saying, I’m a scammer whos looking to prey off of people who don’t know any better but if you do know better i don’t want to hear what you have to say because my post doesn’t appeal to the knowledgeable.