Server Managing Suggestions

I was finally able to start my server successfully after the update ordeals (Thank you Garry for fixing it!), and i’m pretty much tapped out of imagination. I’d like you guys to join the server and tell me your complaints, suggestions, and everything else you think about it, so I can make it a playable server. I’d like to know what addons to add, maybe increase/decrease some restrictions like max props, npc’s, etc, if you had lag (the server is in Romania, Europe), ANYthing at all that could help me to help you.

Since i have a dynamic IP address, you can connect to it\add to favorites with the DNS “”, or look in the list for “Phenomenon Test” (i know, i’m sorry about the name :)). Thanks, every contribution is welcome.

No, you can’t access with, as it’s a local IP address, only accessible through your router.