Server maps being different

With each map being different on each server it would be nice if when you hover over a servers name it shows you the full map. Basically telling you what type of map you’re going to play on.

i believe the maps are seeds and in the cfg they may be an option for seed number or option to use default rust world.

I don’t think you should know the map without exploring it.

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And I don’t know what you’re talking about. Unrelated to the OP…

The point of progressive mapping is so you DON’T know the map before you get in.

Where are you getting that information?

I don’t think the old map will be available at all in the new branch. It’s all procedurally generated, plus I think rad towns will be nonexistent or totally replaced.

I think they are making randomly generated towns. It was on one of the trello cards last week.

Well the card mentioned buildings but I don’t remember seeing anything about towns. I imagine there will just be buildings kind of scattered around but who knows.

I’m excited to see what they do either way.

Now if there was a giant city map, I would literally not stop playing this game.

It may be useful to be able to filter based on some of the procedural parameters, for example some servers may generate a map which has more large flat areas, others may have the opposite (making megabases impossible), other maps may be generated with lots of lakes, and others even more water with lots of connected islands. Some of these aspects could be communicated in the server browser/filtering without giving away the actual map.