Server Maps Not Downloading! (And Many More Errors!)

When I try to join any server that uses a certain mod (I made a list) it downloads some of the map than stops with the error Cannot Connect Missing Map _____. Help me I can hardly play anything!

Also gamemodes like DarkRP and Basewars seem to mess up my controls like my / and quote keys start making Èés instead Sometimes even causing the chat buttons to jerk my head up and make esc do nothing at all. Only way for me to fix it is to reset my computer so it can be frustrating.:suicide:

(List of Mapless Gamemodes)
Trouble In Terrorist Town
Ultimate Chimera Hunt
Gmod Tower
The Stalker
Gang Wars RP (might just be from all the other things that need to load)
And some Sandbox maps.

(List of Control F*king Gamemodes)
DarkRP (and all other RPs)
(some)Art Of Parkour

Last thing. My gui dissapears sometimes when I press esc to exit the pause menu. It fixes itself if I go in the pause screen again but it can get annoying in stressful situations.

Sounds like you might want to verify game cache or whatever for the keys fucking up.

But as for GMod Tower, Chimera Hunt, their maps don’t download from the server, you have to download the GMod Tower installer.

I don’t know about the other stuff.

the servers that you’re joining don’t have fastDL