Server Mirrors, Need to be blocked

Hello RUST Community!

Our servers are very popular in Russia and 1 day ago some bad guy created server mirros with same names:

Most popular is second server, so they just copy it’s name… Thats bad and our community can’t do something with this…
Only we can do - tell this bad things to Developers, who can ban, or do something to remove fake servers.


Thanks for reading, with great pleasure, RUSTON Community.

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@elixwhitetail, thks for the dumd, hope you too like this

Fully agree! Developers, we all need ur help!

It’s dumb because you’re more than half a day late in making a thread about these exact fake mirrors. I bet you didn’t even look before making this thread.

Servers need to be banned, but u saying that it’s dumb. Niiiice!

no, he’s saying there is no need for a new thread about the exact same thing. and i agree.