Server missing hands on smg and other issues

hello. this is my first time using paid server hosting so im not exactly sure what is causing this issue.
i built a privat server and everything worked fine.
now i put all the addons and other such goodies onto a hosted server and the hands for the smg/shotgun on prop hunt arn’t there and the custom weapons that installed do not work as intended(fast reload speed, almost instant or only half reload animation, etc.). can anyone help me with this as cssource is installed on the server and thats everything i know of :frowning:

Thats the problem with prop hunt.

its not prophunt thats the issue. i had it all working before i hosted it :frowning:

Well, good luck figuring it out if you don’t need my help.

i need any help i can get …

It is a bug with the gamemode, either get it’s author to fix it, or fix it yourself.

Is it like a ttt Swep where you have to add a line of code for whatever hand placement you want to be animated?

ok now the hands are showing correctly on the addon sweps but still instant reload speed and bugged animations. any idea on how to fix these ?

Get the models on server as well.