Server Missing Sounds?

It seems to me that certain things on the server I have from Xenon is missing Half Life 2 sounds?

Scanners do not make there sounds, man-hacks, cameras, turrets etc…

What could be wrong?
It is really strange how things don’t make the usual sounds they do.

Get support to install the scripts folders that come with

Let’s see how many dumb ratings I can get!

What? Mad Cow SWEPS?

Yeah, in that folder there’s a folder called hl2 that contains the sound scripts that will add sound to your server. I did this with my Xenon Server thanks to help from Brocko, and it worked like a charm.

Edit: I uploaded these scripts alone to if you still don’t trust downloading the weapon pack that includes it:

Thanks friend!

Happy to help. Add me on steam if you need anything else.

It seems that I must have done something wrong because some NPC’s still dont make sound scanners, combine cameras, manhacks…


I uploaded over 2000 sounds from the GCF and still nothing… aswell as added those scripts …

Ask support to do it. Your FTP probably doesn’t go to the correct directory level for this.

Again, to reiterate, as packaged, you need to drop the scripts in the folder where srcds.exe resides. I repeat, where srcds.exe resides. Should I show you a picture of the FTP or no?

Yes please

Xenon Servers doesn’t let you go that far up in your FTP directory. You need to ask Xenon Support at

Already have thanks bro :slight_smile: