Server Missing

Can someone help me, the server that i have been playing on isn’t in the list any more. is this something that happens regularly, is it down for maintenance or has it been closed down in general?

Mine is also missing none of the UK servers seem to have come back after the update.

Any ideas garry?

They probably have not updated yet with the new patch…be patient

I’m guessing your servers haven’t updated (if they’re not the official servers) and this would cause them to not appear in the list.

They are official servers and I don’t see why they haven’t updated yet. I was kicked from the server shortly after seeing the “q Patch” pop-up.

I closed the game let it update logged back in and an hour later the server has yet to show up in my server browser.

thanks everyone, so its just a matter of waiting to see if it gets updated, were the rest of them done today?

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what time was that?

UK 2 still down, bump

and 1


Because it seems UK servers are managed by some lazy sod.
All other servers pop up like minutes after the update, UK always takes like a whole day.
Someone light some fire under those lazy bums ?

I totally agree it took them ages to reboot the server when it was lagging like crap.

When I refresh the server list, I see often just a subset of the Official Servers. Sometimes US is there, then few minutes after it’s not… anyone knows why this happens?

Wouldn’t be better to list them all anyway, and put a “unreachable” or “wrong version” on the side?

This is what I see now as an example:

Rust are based in the UK as well lol, you’d think they’d release it here first. I guess their work any time policy isn’t helping the English cause.

I found the UK 1 server under “community” !! I logged there and is the right one.

the official servers arent as reliable right now as the community servers…

yeay my server is back as of this morning. glad it wasnt a server wipe, worked hard for my house