Server mod suggestion - low tech Rust. (no guns, explosives, electricity)

I think the most interesting fights in Rust are the longer ones with bows, spears, melee etc.

With only lock keys to defend your door and no explosives, you will be safer against offline raids, however walking around with your keys, or people seeing you hide them is a potential hazard.

Curious if anybody is interested in implementing, or expanding upon this idea. I live in Aus.

Lock & keys are bugged. NEVER use them. EVER.

If you put a lock on a door, create a key, take the lock off the door, put it back on, create another key and so on until you have 20 or so keys… you can nearly open any door locked with a basic lock. There are only like 15 different key types. Gets us into a lot of bases on wipe day :wink:

Are you allowing Metal upgrades to building? It would negate any raiding,which would bore the living hell out of most.

If they fixed locks it would work.

No metal upgrades. Yes, it would be impractical to get through a wall. However, if they are stuck in their base, the attackers have a big positional advantage anyway. I see offline raiding as a negative. Even if they are away from home, if their base is secure they should feel safe, unless they get their keys stolen.