Server Monitor Service

I am working on the free Server Monitor Service. I just wish I were a little better with design.
You will have a max of managing 2 servers per person

It uses MySQL through the addon provided, but is able to not use any modules not within GLua.

You are able to run commands through the console, edit current bans(if enabled), edit administration(if enabled), view player data(and kick/ban those players), view current players(give rank, ban, kick), wound logs(explains itself), player applications(no more random shit forum posts without a user’s steamid), chat logs, reports(user can request an admin on a server(when no admin on that server, will attempt to message admins to either join or handle via Server Monitor), Loading Screen(will be using OpenLoad for the framework), and plugin management(add plugins directly too Server Monitor, then disable/enable via Server Monitor). It provides a provider for pointshop for saving to the database.

This is not it’s own admin mod. But rather allows you to control things from a webpage. It hooks into the admin mods to save info. Currently will only hook into ULib and ULX for the admins/bans. CATS and Moderator will be supported next.

Missing a feature you would want? Tell me I am an idiot for forgetting and need to add that. Also, if you have any design thoughts, those would be great too.

I hope you will release this rather than have people use it on your website. I don’t trust your service with remote access to my server.

Yea I agree gfoose, sadly I won’t use this since I bought tcadmin for my 3 dedicated machines. Not many people will trust you though, with remote access to anyones server.

– sorry I accidently rated, hard to do facepunch via mobile.

I really don’t see the significance behind this. From what I see it’s just a bunch of poorly designed PHP logviewers, something that could be made in a day. Nothing you’ve shown/said about this makes me ever want to use it.

Yeah, was planning on pushing to a github soon after having it in a more stable condition.
The current LUA addon is available on GitHub
That is still not the most current versions, but a kinda stable one. As opposed to the not at all stable random testing one I have.

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The significance is that this is free and will be entirely open source. I prefer the transparency of this system. Also, I don’t know what one could give the system to make this a one of a kind, web administration is a pretty generic idea.

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So, to be on topic, please do post things you would like to see on here, this is not a release topic.